"Aardn unites my love for the craft of making clothes with my passion for environmental and social justice."

Janina Burtscher, Founder

  • Both my mum and my grandmum are seamstresses by trade. In fact, our family has had generations of seamstresses who taught their daughters their craft. Growing up, my mum would sew my clothes for special events, like my flower girl dresses and ball gowns for formal occasions. I remember always being so fascinated by how much work goes into a single piece of clothing.

  • When I started studying at University, I learned about the environmental and social impacts of the fashion industry. That is when I first had the idea to start my sustainable fashion label. However, I had no idea how and did not know enough about sustainability in the fashion industry. I decided to do a Master's program in Environmental Management and chose sustainable fashion as my thesis topic.

  • The more I learned about the fashion industry's practices, the more convinced I was to start my own slow fashion label. A fashion label that puts people and the planet before profit. Aardn is a vision that unites my love for the craft of making clothes with my passion for environmental and social justice.

What's next

Our original mission: create the most sustainable, elevated staples. 

And yes, that is still part of our mission. However, somewhere along the way, we realised that what makes our Atelier unique is that we can create made-to-measure clothes that fit ANY body. 

Our clothes do not come in sizes because we do not try to fit your body into a specific size but to make the garment fit YOUR UNIQUE BODY. 

This has worked great in our Showroom, where we can measure any customer and adjust our designs accordingly. Come early 2023; we are relaunching and bringing the made-to-measure experience to your house.

First on our list: THE PERFECT PANTS.
Create your unique perfect fit from the comfort of your own home.