Both my mum and my grandmum are seamstresses. Before going to school to become a seamstress my mum would learn the craft from her grandmother. In fact, our family has had generations of seamstresses, who learned their daughters the craft. My grandmother would tell me the story of how back when she was a child, her family would sit in front of their house after Sunday service and wait for the wealthy women to walk down. They would wear the latest fashion from Milan, and my grandmum and her family would then go make clothes inspired by the latest fashion because they also wanted to look elegant. Growing up, my mum would sew my clothes for special events like my flower girl dresses and later on ball gowns for formal events

I remember always being so fascinated by how much goes into a single piece of clothing. When I started studying at University I learned about the environmental and social impacts of the fashion industry. That is when I first had the idea to start my sustainable fashion label. However, I had no idea how and did not know enough about sustainability in the fashion industry. I decided to do a Master`s program in Environmental Management and chose sustainable fashion as my thesis topic.  Now, years after I first dreamed of starting my own label, it has finally become a reality. 

Our environmental and ethical Practices

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