Sustainability & Ethics

We started Aardn because we love fashion but we also care about people, the planet, and animals. At Aardn, we aim to create timeless pieces that look and feel great for years to come. To achieve this, we have built our brand on some core principles. These principles serve as the basis for every single decision in our company, from designing over sourcing up to how we do marketing.


Principle One


Instead of creating a new collection every season, we have a permanent collection of timeless wardrobe staples - the collection will grow over time. All our pieces are created with longevity and versatility in mind. That is why they all come in a neutral color palette and with timeless cuts that flatter all kinds of body types and sizes.

Principle Two


We only use biodegradable materials like cotton, Tencel, wool and silk. Speak no synthetic materials like polyamide, polyester, and elastane. While some of these synthetic materials can be recycled (to a certain extent), they still release microplastics when washed. Plus, at the end of their lifecycle, when they cannot be recycled any further, they will stay on our planet as waste for hundreds of years. That is why we do not use these materials - even the recycled options - and instead go for fully biodegradable. This includes everything, the main fabrics, threads and packaging.

Principle Three


Another waste issue in the textile industry is overproduction. Most overproduced clothes land in landfills or are burnt. We do not want any part in such wasteful practices. That is why we produce all our clothes made-to-order. This means that we only sew your piece of clothing once you order it.

Principle Four


Aardn is based in Austria in an area with a long tradition of textile craftsmanship. Over the years the industry has slowly faded away and shifted their production to countries with lower production costs. Still, there is so much knowledge of the craft as well as people who can no longer work in the industry they love because the jobs are gone. Part of our mission is to uphold the history and the craft. That is why we produce in our own area in Austria.

Principle Five


No person should ever feel that they cannot order a piece of clothing because of their body type, height, or size. We design our clothes with size-inclusivity in mind and offer a wider range of sizes than conventional brands. We will also never charge bigger sizes more than smaller sizes (which a lot of brands do). Producing made to order also allows us to be more flexible with our designs because we can adjust clothes to fit your specific body type when needed. This especially applies when it comes to length. For example, if you are shorter and do not need the standard length we offer with your size, just let us know your back-length at the checkout and we will adjust your piece accordingly - without any additional charges.

Principle Six


As a sustainable and ethical brand, we care - not only about our people, but also the planet and the animals. We believe that every single being involved in our production process should be treated fairly. For plant- based fabrics like cotton and hemp, we ensure that they are organic. For materials made from animal fibers like silk and wool, we make sure that they are free from animal harm. You can find more on this in our material guide, that we will launch soon. We also provide more detailed information on the fabric of each item in our shop.

Principle Seven


Here is the thing, because of fast fashion we all have lost sight of the true price of clothes. Because at Aardn our pieces are made to last as well as produced in the most ethical & sustainable way possible our prices might be higher than what you are used to. We want to make our clothes as affordable as possible without sacrificing our core principles. The price we offer is the true price of our clothes, that is why we also do not offer any sales. In order for you to see what is behind our prices and to offer transparency, we provide a full price breakdown for every single piece. This way you can see the costs of all the things required to create a truly ethical and sustainable piece of clothing.